Fundraiser Policy

Fundraiser Policy 2014-15

Underground FUNraisers

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Great Lakes Scrip

Signing up for Scrip and using the Great Lakes Scrip Company’s online payment system, PrestoPay, allows you to order gift cards, instant gift cards that you can print yourself (i.e. Home Depot or Petco) or enter online (i.e., or reload gift cards previously purchased through the program for merchants such as Arco, Starbucks, Safeway, and Subway. Please note: It takes several days to fully activate your PrestoPay account and ensure that it is connected to the correct organization (ours!), but it’s easy and very secure. Because all orders are placed online any time day or night, we only accept orders which are paid for using the PrestoPay system.

Each Scrip merchant gives a rebate anywhere from 1 – 20% of the value back to the band program, of which 80% goes directly to your student account. It is an easy way to help fund your pledge or perhaps fulfill your pledge entirely. It is a easy way to send a gift to a friend or relative near or far and earn a rebate to benefit your band student and the program as a whole. Please contact Joy Brawn ( for more information.

Sign up for Scrip Here at

The registration code is: D68BB4FE28568


eScrip is different than Great Lakes Scrip. With eScrip, you simply sign up and register a credit card. All purchases at participating businesses then return a rebate to our program. Anyone can sign up, so ask friends and relatives too! Instructions for signing up are here: Search for Branham Music Boosters when signing up. It’s that simple.


We Care Coffee Fundraiser

Order coffee all year around and a portion of the proceeds comes back to the music program. Mrs. Wyant swears by it! Go here to order

Sports Basement

Shop at Sports Basement and get 10% OFF your purchase and 5% BACK to Branham. Just go to ANY Sports Basement and say “Branham High School” at the register.